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It’s our knowledge of where your customers spend their time online that enables us to maximise returns from your PPC advertising strategy

Why tailored PPC advertising at the right time is crucial for brands.

Google Ads is a marketing channel that has been solving a plethora of challenges for marketers since it burst onto the scene under the name of Google AdWords in 2000. It offers a unique kind of advertising to businesses, where they choose how much they want to spend, and can tweak their campaign as it develops.


Having a Google Ad agency on board gives businesses like yours a competitive advantage in the PPC space, since we can advise on best practices and open up access to industry-leading tools. At Abstract Digital, we only launch tailored pay-per-click advertising, since 75% of online shoppers are likely to take action when they see messaging that’s relevant to them

We examine the customer journey and take a holistic approach to your paid search campaign, seamlessly integrating it with your wider strategy. Generally, users carry out a Google search towards the end of the decision-making process. Making sure your business is there can help you claim a significant portion of the market share.

Partner with a trusted Google marketing agency.

Launching a pay-per-click advertising campaign without the right tools and experience is like going to the races without doing any research. You might get lucky – but it’s more likely that you’ll end up throwing your budget at something that’s barely even in the race.

Understanding how Google’s audience lists, bidding, quality scores and keyword research tools work is the only way to use your budget smartly. Abstract Digital assists with the entire process – from strategising to set up, to pay-per-click management and ongoing optimisation. The more touch points, the better, when trying to resonate with today’s consumers. So, we’ll use smart lists to remarket to users that have previously visited your website – focusing on those most likely to convert.

Research, implement, optimise:

Our approach to PPC Advertising.

PPC marketing campaigns can encompass a mix of Search, Display, Shopping and even YouTube ads. We build yours using data, your audience and your objectives as the key drivers, to achieve maximum return on your investment.

Technology Discover

01 Research

A Google Ad agency that only makes decisions backed up by research, we use innovative tools to uncover insights about your typical buyer’s journey. We plan strategies based on your wider business model – not just high-volume keywords that offer little value to you.


02 Implement

Our team gets your ads in front of the people actively searching for you, as well as passive browsers that have already shown an interest in your product or service. We use clever creative and copy, with a close eye on pay-per-click management throughout.

Technology optimize

03 Optimise

Feedback is essential for optimisation. Regularly monitoring and optimising your campaign allows us to expand on it, which could involve creating new ad groups and keywords, tweaking your budget allocation, and making sure your ads are only being shown for relevant keywords.

So what’s your campaign missing?

An experienced Google Ads agency in NZ like Abstract knows that yielding business growth through paid media requires a strategic omnichannel approach. We focus your budget on the most relevant channels for your individual brand.

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Pay-per-click services done right equips your team with the tools and knowledge to generate business growth quickly.  We’d love to talk about what you want to achieve, so we can envision how Abstract Digital can help you get there.