Email Marketing

Email Marketing

An essential thread of your omnichannel digital strategy, email marketing is both a powerful brand-building tool and an impressive sales generator.

Here’s what you probably didn’t know about EDM marketing.

EDM marketing (Electronic Direct Mail marketing) is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing – but don’t let that put you off.  At Abstract Digital, we’re all for exploring new trends, but we also know the mediums we can count on. On average, email marketing delivers a 38X return on investment! Is it time to clean up your contact list?


This undeniably attractive ROI doesn’t come by luck, though. Those that launch segmented campaigns report as much as a 760% increase in revenue. That means that, by targeting your messaging to relevant audiences, your business could quickly start seeing major growth. Not bad for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Email marketing

Let the power of automation run your Email campaigns.

Extending your email marketing to ANZ-based experts means having the peace-of-mind that we’re making the best decisions for your business. We cut through the jargon to select the right email platform for your requirements, and build functional emails with persuasive copy. Designed to render perfectly on all devices – especially email’s golden child: the mobile.

Because it’s your job to grow your business on the wider scale, there’s no need for you to get locked into the details of your EDM marketing campaign. We take care of strategic planning, list segmentation, database clean-up and execution using advanced automation technology. Through highly targeted messaging, we’re able to connect with consumers at the most optimum stage in their journey. And that’s how you achieve that ROI we keep talking about.

Prepare, create, execute:

Our approach to Email marketing.

We build your email marketing strategy based on your business’ goals. Want to send reminders to your eCommerce customers throughout their journey? Want to generate brand awareness? Or want some fast sales for your latest product? Abstract Digital works with you and gets to know your business on a deeper level, so we can achieve growth, as defined by you.

Email marketing prepare

01 Prepare

We delve deep into your industry and customer personas, to develop an eye-catching, personalised email marketing campaign. A smart strategy is mapped out to stop your emails being ignored or deleted.

Email marketing create

02 Create

EDMs are just one touch point in a customer journey, and we integrate your campaigns seamlessly with your overarching digital strategy.

Email marketing execute

03 Execute

We can integrate any CRM platform to leverage customisation and analytics, and our team continually A/B tests your messaging to maximise returns. Through an ongoing collaboration, we continue to map out the customer lifecycle in more detail, and leave the heavy work to our automation tools – to nurture your prospects even while you’re asleep.

So what’s your campaign missing?

An EDM marketing campaign is only as strong as the wider digital strategy it sits in. We ensure your audience receives a seamless online experience with every interaction with your brand, through an integrated approach that’s built with the bigger picture in mind.

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Team up with the experts in email marketing in New Zealand, with the tools and knowledge to become your business’ right-hand team and keep you connected with your audience. We’d love to talk about what you want to achieve, so we can envision how Abstract Digital can help you get there.