eCommerce Marketing

We take an omnichannel approach to your online marketing strategies, driving the digital growth of your eCommerce store through data and creativity.

An online marketing strategy that covers all bases.

When you make Abstract Digital an extension of your in-house marketing team, you’re investing in eCommerce marketing services delivered by an experienced online marketing agency in NZ that’s aligned with your wider business objectives.

The stakes have never been higher for online retailers; not only are you trying to compete with the small business down the street, you’re also up against eCommerce giants like Trademe, Kogan & Aliexpress. The growth of New Zealand’s eCommerce sector continues to outstrip bricks and mortar, with $4.7 billion spent on online shopping in 2016.

Outperforming the competition in this field requires an eCommerce digital marketing strategy that’s holistically developed with your individual business’ growth in mind.


Here’s what you’ll get when you extend your strategy and execution to an online marketing agency that covers the top-to-toe of your business.

Brand building

Never underestimate the power of brand familiarity; 85% of online shoppers would rather buy from a brand they’ve already heard of. That means your eCommerce digital marketing strategy should be a smart mix of both brand awareness and selling components, to develop the “person” behind the brand, and deliver the entertaining and educational content users need to make a decision.

We build your brand through strategic content marketing and targeted social media advertising.

Shopping campaigns

Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping are all powerful platforms designed to help businesses sell their products online. Instagram and Facebook provide immersive shopping experiences for your audiences, presenting brands with that bridge to easily sell to modern-day consumers while they’re browsing on their mobile.

Google Shopping campaigns put your products in front of the eyes of those searching for them. Abstract Digital uses exclusive insights and trends, and our knowledge around best bidding practices, to make the most of your paid ads budget and maximise your return

Search engine marketing

35% of product searches start on Google, so brands need an SEM strategy that encompasses both organic and paid elements.

Your online marketing strategy needs to delve deeper than just finding ways to send traffic to your site. That traffic needs to be relevant, and therefore valuable to your business’ growth. Every eCommerce store needs SEO to build their authority on a long-term basis, and PPC ads to showcase your sponsored products and drive ready-to-buy traffic quickly.

Staying in touch with your customers

Consumer expectations have changed over time, and a “set-it-and-forget-it” mindset to your eCommerce strategy doesn’t work nowadays. Businesses need to keep their finger on the pulse, and follow consumers throughout the buyer’s journey, delivering personalised, relevant messages through multiple touch points – both pre and post-sale.

The eCommerce marketing consultants at Abstract ensure you stay connected with your consumers through EDM marketing powered by automation.

Dynamic remarketing

Remarketing could become your secret weapon. When deployed by an online marketing agency such as Abstract, it allows you to show your ads to those that have already visited your website or demonstrated an interest in your products. Subtle yet powerful, we tailor messages to unique audience segments, to increase the likelihood of them completing a sale.

Remarketing is an incredible conversion rate optimisation tool that’s vastly underused in so many eCommerce digital marketing strategies across NZ.

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