Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Digital marketing trends are never stagnant. Content marketing gives brands a platform to have a conversation with their prospects – and bring leads to them.

Why an audience-first content strategy is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Content marketing vs traditional marketing is the difference between talking with consumers, and talking at them. Nowadays, 70% of people would rather get their information about a product or company from a blog post, and businesses are, on average, spending 50% or more of their advertising budget on a content marketing strategy.

Content marketing

But how do you find the words to cut through the noise? Putting pen to paper (so to speak) without a plan could be a huge waste of your time and budget. We’re a content marketing agency in New Zealand that builds your content strategy based on audience insights, so we can solve their needs and resonate with users at various stages of the funnel. Our team creates content for multiple audience segments, targeting long-tail keywords, with every piece designed to contribute to your wider digital strategy.

Content marketing

The power of inbound: How Content marketing brings leads to you.

Building content of value is what will bring your audiences to you, and we’re big advocates for the power of inbound marketing. At Abstract Digital, we leverage tactics that appeal to the modern consumer, providing value through education and entertainment, in a two-way communication channel that earns your audience’s interest and attracts them to your business.

When there, these MQLs (marketing qualified leads) are more likely to convert – whether that’s to make an enquiry or complete a sale. And just in case you’re not yet convinced, remember that inbound marketing, on average, generates 3x more leads per dollar compared to traditional outbound methods.

Strategise, create, optimise:

Our approach to Content marketing.

We build a full funnel content marketing strategy that resonates with users in the research, consideration, decision and advocacy stages. As the backbone to our SEO strategies, quality content is essential to build your brand and grow your business.

Content marketing stratergies

01 Strategise

Your audience personas and the buyer journey build the basis of your content strategy. We research the questions they’re asking to create a coherent content map that helps them on their journey and propels them closer to a conversion.

Email marketing create

02 Create

With an experienced NZ content marketing team working on your blogs and other content, we drive awareness, engagement and sales. This is a key way of building your brand and developing a tone-of-voice, to set you apart from your competitors.

Technology optimize

03 Optimise

Any strong content marketing strategy is optimised for organic searches. We’ll also continue to track user behaviour and test the performance of your content, to continue to build a robust ongoing strategy that covers all bases.

So what’s your campaign missing?

Content marketing is rarely a standalone discipline, and we’ll build your strategy as a seamless component of your wider digital approach, to build your online presence and work with you to grow your business.

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We’re a trusted content marketing agency in New Zealand that equips your team with the tools and knowledge to bring prospects to you and grow your business organically. We’d love to talk about what you want to achieve, so we can envision how Abstract Digital can help you get there.