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Swish Property Services

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Cleaning Up Swish’s Digital Strategy for Sustainable Success

Abstract Digital and Swish Property Services joined forces to blast Swish’s competitors away, starting with a 428% increase in organic leads in the first year.

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The Client

Swish Property Services, a leading provider in residential and commercial property services in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand, came to Abstract Digital for a hand in expanding their online reach. They already had some solid branding and an outstanding review profile behind them, but needed to push that brand out to the market. The team had dabbled in Google Ads with limited success; they needed an integrated digital strategy that brought in quality leads for less.

"Working with Steve at Abstract digital has not only been an easy process but has been very beneficial to our service business. He is excellent at what he does and makes the complicated world of SEO & Google Ads seem very straightforward. It is in an area in my business that I don't have to worry about knowing that he knows the industry very well and has us looked after! Over the last 24 months working with Steve we have improved our organic search considerably resulting in more traffic to our website and more work for us. Thanks, Steve."

Tim Thompson - Swish MD

We wanted to generate results quickly but sustainably. So, we decided to lay out a digital marketing strategy that integrated SEO, content and Google Ads. That way, we would be able to pull in relevant paid leads while we built out the foundation for Swish’s organic traffic to make its way to their site. We started off by establishing the right target cost per acquisition of leads, and implementing conversion tracking to keep our attention firmly on data throughout.


The Approach


A Focused Organic Search Strategy

By gathering a more detailed analysis of the market (including what the competition was doing and how Swish’s target audience was behaving online), we were able to build out a tailored SEO strategy. A technical review of the site told us what was working and what wasn’t, so we could start to streamline the buyer’s journey and provide a more nurturing environment for leads. Our on-page optimisation was heavily weighted on content including monthly blogs, and off-page optimisation was supported with white-hat link building techniques.

Heaps of small businesses fail when it comes to their Google Ads campaign because they don’t have conversion tracking in place (57.7% of all campaigns neglect this). Others fail due to a poor selection of keywords, ineffective copy or landing pages, or a lack of understanding in bidding. We reviewed the technical set-up of Swish’s Ads account, including digging into their bidding and keyword targeting approach. Then, we re-built and restructured campaigns to place the brand in a better position for success.

That involved the implementation of split testing automated machine learning campaigns against manual bidding, for the data we needed to guide the campaign. We also carried out ongoing testing and bid adjustments to maximise results at every stage.


Reviewing & Rebuilding Google Ads



Proving the power of content marketing, one of Swish’s informative blogs entitled “The Biggest Windows in the World” now ranks in the top 3 positions in multiple countries across the globe, including the UK, Spain, Canada and the USA. Our first year-on-year SEO comparison saw an increase in organic search traffic of 216% and an increase in leads from organic search traffic of 428%, with a notable improvement in lead quality thanks to better keyword research. In our second year of working with Swish, we also got a juicy increase in organic conversion rate of 52.77%.

Our team carried out ongoing keyword gap analysis to find additional untapped opportunities, and our second year-on-year results reported another 49% improvement in organic search traffic and 27% increase in leads.

Everyone knows the beauty of PPC is that you only pay for the clicks you get. Our campaign meant Swish was getting 48% more leads but was paying 22% less overall. We reduced the average cost per click by 47%, and decreased cost per conversion by 61%.

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