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Cultivating a High-Growth Digital Strategy for Contact Organics

After working with a digital marketing agency that wasn’t producing results, Contact Organics switched to Abstract Digital and saw almost a 600% increase in leads.
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increase in eCommerce revenue
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The Client

The weed control industry was in desperate need of a shake-up. Traditional glyphosate-based weed killer was found to be potentially harmful to the people & the environment, with chemicals making it into the food we eat. Major court cases are examining the possibility that glyphosate is a carcinogen, after the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) found a positive correlation between glyphosate and NHL (Non-Hodgkin lymphoma).

Contact Organics has spent the last three decades researching and producing a non-toxic alternative. Their product range kills weeds quickly and effectively – and is free of glyphosate. The brand uses natural, non-toxic ingredients and sustainable approaches to provide a powerful weed killer for homes, farms, businesses, communities and governmental organisations. Thanks to a focus on research, the Contact Organics products are fast-acting, don’t leave toxic residue, and prevent weeds from building up resistance.

“Since Steven and his team have come on board to run our extensive ecommerce and lead generation campaign our shipping rates have decreased thanks to the large increase and sustained orders, and the leads coming in are off the charts. They have worked collaboratively with us along the whole planned process and their communication and reporting is outstanding.”

Contact Organics


The Approach

When Contact Organics partnered with Abstract Digital, our focus was on lead generation and sales through their website and online store. We reviewed and re-jigged their Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and took care of everything from set-up to management and optimisation. Before this, Contact Organics wasn’t seeing results from their digital marketing efforts; they needed a better understanding of their customers and clearer targeting. We got to work.


Rebuilding Google Ads Campaigns

We reviewed and completely rebuilt Contact Organics’ conversion tracking processes, and rebuilt their entire Google Ads campaigns. Our focus was on Search and Shopping campaigns, split between optimising for leads & purchases – leveraging the different audience intent between Search & Shopping. We tested specific audiences using Performance Max, which let us find more high-intent customers hanging out across all of Google’s channels/platforms (Google has 9 platforms with over 1 billion global users each).


Funnelling Leads Through Facebook

We rebuilt the brand’s Facebook campaign, refreshing it and ensuring it appealed to the right audience with brand-new messaging and creative. This was split into top-of-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-funnel (MOFU) campaigns. Our TOFU campaign was set up to build awareness for a new product on the market, to identify audiences that might be interested and introduce them to the product. We tested a number of creative variations as well as messaging & audience tests to find the winning formula. We used the MOFU campaign to leverage the interest shown by target audiences, so we could drive users to a tailored landing page and capture each qualified lead. Even with increasing media costs, we were able to bring down the cost per lead



Within a year of working with Abstract Digital, Contact Organics achieved a 300+% increase in leads and a 200+% increase in eCommerce revenue.

The increase in ecommerce sales even shifted the brand to a higher volume bracket with AusPost, bringing down their shipping costs per unit. They’ve also significantly raised their profile and established themselves as a solid challenger to the long-established market.

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