Our Strategic Approach

Simple terms. Simple strategies. Because there’s no point in overcomplicating your digital strategy.

At Abstract Digital, we lay the foundation for every collaboration with an in-depth digital strategy consultation – from which every decision branches out. Our priority is to drive your business’ growth through the transformation of your online presence, so we plan every stage using key data – always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Our Strategic Approach



Getting to know your business

We believe that collaboration is key, so we get to know your business on a personal level in order to get a good understanding of what makes it tick. Knowing what sets you apart from your competition, who your audience is, any challenges in your way, and what you want to achieve by working with a digital strategy agency will help us to shape your marketing plan from the outset.



Uncovering ways to deliver more value

Many other digital agencies in NZ act as an order-filler for their clients; a couple of blogs here, a website there, a one-off PPC campaign, for example. At Abstract Digital, we create more value for our clients by partnering you a digital strategist, who will create a transformative strategy in collaboration with our channel experts. Our invaluable advice and a plan that helps you envision what we can achieve makes all the difference.



Building a tailored digital strategy

Data gives us essential insights into the market. Digital has been described as the “most measurable medium ever” and we’ve invested in a collection of cutting-edge tools to make sure this is a reality. These insights will help us to drive a bespoke online strategy, always taking a “one-size-fits-one” approach.



Collaborating with your team

Abstract Digital specialises in digital strategy consulting, but we’re also there to fill in the gaps in your own knowledge, as well as develop innovative ways to grow your online revenue. Think of us as an extension of your own marketing team – however big or small it may be – and we can work side-by-side to generate real results.



Scaling up together

We’ll keep you informed at every stage of the digital strategy execution, communicating your results transparently and making pivotal decisions based on them. With a long-term performance plan in place, our business-minded experts can support the growth of your organisation and help you make the right decisions at key moments.

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